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Rewrite your code so popular anti-virus programs don't flag your dll files as malware. I am not going to notify Avira of a possible false positive for shareware, that is the developer's job.

updatemgr.dll is flagged by Avira and quarantined so I am not able to use today's GOTD and I don't care if it is most likely a false positive, as it is not my job to ensure that the file is safe or report it to Avira. That is something I may want to do for free or open source programs, but for paid shareware, it is unacceptable.

rsmik , 06.07.2010, 17:51
Idea status: under consideration


GMMan, 06.07.2010, 22:09
Sometimes it's not the developer's choice to have code compiled to look like viruses. I have modified some executable binaries before, and I know the program doesn't have any problems, but my AV is convinced that it does.

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