AV Music Morpher 4.0

This is music gear that is convenient and versatile, yet cost-effective for music lovers. It is a resourceful multi-channel music mixer that enables you to edit any number of channels for surround sounds. It has been improved with a multi-track editor and more cool music effects. The interactive funny space helps you enjoy special collections of funny sounds, ringtones, audio clips, etc. without using any browser.
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75 votes Vote

Make this and ANY/ ALL future software Win7 x64 compatible, because honestly x64 Win7 is the only OS I work with at all and have it on all 5 pc's here. time's UP!

Get with the times and upgrade!
Stan Parker, 06.07.2010, 12:59
18 votes Vote

The program is not bad, but please give users the choice to use the standard windows gui instead of the skinned one.

GAOTD user, 06.07.2010, 08:11
16 votes Vote

Make it compatible with Vista 32 bit. Better website with clear website and don't force toolbars on anyone.

Does not work on my Vista 32 bit system. As a professional musician/composer, this intrigued me. All it did was crash as soon as it looked for my vsti and vst effects. A bazillion crashes later, it finally died a lingering death after the...
Mike F, 06.07.2010, 13:10
11 votes Vote

Make this work for vista 64. I have downloaded this 3 times now and does not work!!!! says creating main fraim and stops there...

I deal with music every day and do some DJ work as well. I was interested in this program but was turned off VERY quickly cause it don't work..... MAKE IT WORK!!!!!
Geoff Spanik, 06.07.2010, 14:29
5 votes Vote

Add support for FLAC files. (The lossless music format of choice). Also AC3 for movie tracks would be great.

Paul Binns, 06.07.2010, 17:10
4 votes Vote

Rewrite your code so popular anti-virus programs don't flag your dll files as malware. I am not going to notify Avira of a possible false positive for shareware, that is the developer's job.

updatemgr.dll is flagged by Avira and quarantined so I am not able to use today's GOTD and I don't care if it is most likely a false positive, as it is not my job to ensure that the file is safe or report it to Avira. That is something I may want...
rsmik, 06.07.2010, 16:51
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3 votes Vote

Please find a way to make it work consistently. IT WORKS ON WINDOWS 7 HOME 64BIT BUT NOT PROFESSIONAL in our house, it seems to be quite erratic though. Sorry, Caps lock keeps sticking.

Milly, 06.07.2010, 20:49
2 votes Vote

NO Dealio toolbar please! - I already have all toolbars I need.

notoolbarsplease, 07.07.2010, 06:05
2 votes Vote

The software doesn't support Win 7 (64bit) yet. It is malware free: http://analysis.avira.com/samples/details.php?uniqueid=fzfgmWcgCrUsDUhkRjXG2TdYWZxUCIMM&incidentid=546827. This build for Giveawayoftheday.com doesn't contain Dealio Toolbar, either.

Audio4fun Webmaster, 07.07.2010, 01:22
2 votes Vote


Seriously, if you're going to make a program a giveaway, MAKE IT COMPATIBLE!!!!! Who cares if it's 30$ if you can't use it!
Elijah, 07.07.2010, 01:26
0 votes Vote

Make sure it installs properly on any well working system

I tried several times to download and install it, but was unable to install it since it 1. got an error for there was no dvdmmg.sys in the temp folder 2. asked for inserting a Photogallery disk in my CD Drive looking for Photogallery.msi Then...
Fred Werner, 07.07.2010, 05:57
0 votes Vote

open source your software

FrederikQuestier, 12.10.2010, 20:14